Bugs, creams and medicines: update

By Brae:

As I mentioned in my other post we can’t drink water from the tap but there are also other things that are different to England about the water.

Since a few weeks ago, at some times of the day we don’t have water at all, because there is a very big water shortage where we are living because it doesn’t rain for nine months of the year. Every day between 8.30am and 10.30am if we turn on any of the taps or showers in our house, nothing happens. The only thing that comes out is a hiss and maybe one drop. So, that means you can’t wash your hands, no showers, no washing up, no washing machine etc. We have to remember to fill up a large bottle of water so we can wash our hands when the water is off. Then the water comes back on but then it goes off again at 2.30pm until 5pm, and it goes off again 10pm and stays off all night until 5am.

We are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our building but now they can’t fill it up with clean water so this week they filled it up with dirty green water and here is a picture of it before and now!

 IMG_7530 IMG_1213

It has made me think about water. Do you?

For example:

  • When you turn on a tap in England to fill up a glass of water, and you can just drink it without worrying if you will get sick, you don’t normally think you’re so lucky.
  • Or if you turn on the shower and there is nice warm water, do you think you are lucky then?
  • Or when you go to flush the toilet or wash the dishes and there is water, are you grateful?

When I go back to England I will try to think about water more.

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