Tropical fruit

By Oren:

We’ve only been in Colombia for 3 days but we’ve done so much already it’s hard to decide what to tell you about first. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love food, so maybe that is a good thing to write about for my first blog entry!

I have eaten many different fruits and vegetables in my life, but this morning for my breakfast (well, my pre-breakfast snack!) tomate de arbolI had the most delicious pineapple I have ever eaten in my whole life. Even though I’m only 10, my mum and dad think it’s the best pineapple they have
ever eaten in 41 years. It’s called a ‘piña dorada’ (golden pineapple) and I would put a picture of it for you but I already ate it! So instead I will put a picture of some of the other strange fruits that we have bought in Colombia. Here is a picture of me and Brae with a ‘tomate de arbol’ (this literally means tree tomato but we call them tamarillos in English) and a ‘naranja pomelo’ (it’s a kind of funny pointy grapefruit). We haven’t eaten these yet so maybe next time I write the blog I can tell you what they are like. Come back to my blog soon and find out!

7 thoughts on “Tropical fruit”

  1. Hi Oren and Brae! How are you doing? I desperately want to try piña dorada! I hope you have a superb time in Colombia! I’m looking forward to reading your next diary entry!

    1. Thanks Koo. We are really happy you are reading our blog. Piña dorada is so delicious. I wish I could bring one home for you. You can subscribe to updates on the blog so you always know when we write something new. Keep reading! from Oren

  2. Wow boys this is an amazing blog! I’ve learnt so much about Colombia already. Have a fabulous time x

    1. It’s really nice to see who is reading our blog. Thank you for your message Alice. We are really pleased that you like it. We have lots more cool stuff to write about soon so keep reading! loveOren and Brae

    1. Thank you for showing the blog to Amethyst. It’s been amazing to get so many comments. from Oren

  3. Hi Oren,
    it’s Trinity. It looks like you are having a whale of a time; I’m not. We recently had a cycling day in a mini snow storm. Leah got blown away aies3nrsnd we haven’t seen her since! Colby School is missing you very much and hoping you will reply back.

    (Just kidding. Leah didn’t get blown away, but Rhianna did fall into a river bank!) Oh no. Mud flew everywhere.

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