More tropical fruits

By Oren:

The first post on the blog was about pineapples so it seems like a good thing to do to write about them on my last day in Colombia. Before we came here we didn’t know how pineapples grew so we wanted to find out how. When we went to a kind of animal and farm park called Panaca we were surprised to see pineapples growing on little bushes because we never knew they grew like that. We saw some workers picking them. Here are some pictures of them:

fruit1 fruit1-2

On the same day in Panaca we saw some small trees with big green things that looked like aguacates at first, but a sign it said that it was maracuyá. maracuya2We didn’t know maracuyás grew like this either so it was good to find out.

One of the things that my mum says she is going to miss a lot about Colombia is just walking around and noticing all the tropical fruits growing around us. There are mango, lime, papaya and tamarind trees, cocoa and aguacates and bananas. They grow in the jungle but they also grow in people’s gardens and in fields, all along the road, growing in the pavement, in parks. In fact, tropical fruit is growing everywhere you look!

fruit2-4  fruit2

Mangoes – we wish they were ripe!

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