Weird stuff: shark oil

By Oren:

When we went to Palomino we had an incredibly friendly driver called Javier (pronounced ‘Havier’) and as we were going along I spotted what looked like some old fashioned milk bottles hanging in a small, wooden stall under a roof of cloth, standing by a MASSIVE banana plantation. I asked him what was in the bottles thinking it might be something to do with bananas but he said that it was shark oil!

Shark oil is an oil made from shark liver, and people sell it in their little stalls by the side of the dusty road. Colombian people believe it cures asthma and flu. I thought nobody would get flu (because it is a type of cold and it’s really hot here) but they do.

Lots of Colombian medicines are made out of plants and animals, and many of them were discovered by the tribes of Indians living in the mountains. People from all over Colombia use these medicines instead of, or as well as, buying them from pharmacies.

On the way back from Palomino we tried to buy a jar to take picture of it, but all the stalls hadn’t got any left. But as I mentioned Javier is really nice so he sent us a photo of a jar he bought, for our blog. Here is the picture he took of the oil:

shark oil


7 thoughts on “Weird stuff: shark oil”

  1. Hello! I am currently having dinner in your lovely home! I am Sarah’s friend Heather.

    Matteo first greeted me as I came in and was very vocal about wanting lots of attention and strokes. Then Roscoe came in and also demanded some love and attention (but not as much as Matteo).

    I have to say I am absolutely fascinated by the Tony Robinson signed turnip and I have taken a picture of it because I am so impressed. We are taking very good care of it and you should be very proud to have it. Baldrick is one of my all-time favourites!

    As an English teacher, can I just say how wonderful your writing is and how you are bringing your journey to life through this blog for people like me in miserable Norfolk! Enjoy every minute of it!

    Heather and Sarah

    1. Hello Heather and Sarah. Thank you for your really nice message. We can’t believe that someone we don’t know is reading our blog and enjoying it. It is so good to hear your comments about Matteo and Roscoe and the turnip!! We are feeling quite proud of our blog after all the nice messages. We hope we can meet you one day when we are back in Norfolk. Keep reading our updates because we have lots of new things to write about soon! from Oren and Brae

  2. Shark oil! How strange Oren. You guys are really good at spotting strange and wonderful things to tell us about. Xxx

    1. We’re trying to think of lots of things that people in England have never heard about. I’m really glad you like it. xxx

  3. Dear Oren and Brae,
    Thank you for telling me about shark oil,maybe I should try some for my asthma. I don’t think it looks very nice to swallow though.
    Well done with your blog . It is the modern way of writing a diary of your adventure ,as I suggested, but this way lots of people can join in your experience as it happens.
    hope you enjoy the wedding later
    lots of love
    Grandma xxxx

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