Bugs, creams and medicines

By Brae:

So far I bet you think Colombia is amazing because it is. But there are a few annoying things.


First, we have to have 3 sun creams every day (1 at the beginning of the day, 1 in the middle of the day and 1 at the end of the day). We don’t only have to have 3 sun creams. We also have to have 2 mosquito sprays (1 at the beginning of the day and 1 at the end of the day).

Another quite annoying thing was when we went to Palomino on the Caribbean coast, in the night we had to sleep under mosquito nets to make sure we didn’t fall ill. They kept us really hot, which was annoying, but kept us safe from malaria.

mosquito netsMalaria is a very serious disease. To keep us safe from malaria we have to have some malaria pills every day after dinner. When we very first started it was quite annoying but we have got used to it now. Mosquitos also carry other diseases that have quite funny names like chikungunya and Zika. You might have heard about Zika as it is in the news.

waterThe last frustrating thing that I can think of is that we can’t drink water from the tap because it is not clean enough to drink. So we have to carry heavy bottles home every day. We can’t even use tap water for brushing our teeth.

Colombia is still an amazing place because you find annoying things wherever you go. The sea is warm in Colombia all year round, whereas in England the sea is pretty cold even in summer. Also, it never gets dark here really early like in the winter in England. Things are just different around the world!

6 thoughts on “Bugs, creams and medicines”

  1. It is a pain to apply all the creams and sprays and take pills ,but better that then get sick.
    It will be harder when you get to school and have to do it before you get off early in the morning.
    Is it light in the mornings too or will you have to get up when it is dark? That is not easy.
    do you have a school uniform?

    Hope it goes well but I expect you will tell us about it -will look forward to it.

    Bye for now
    love Grandma xxxxx

    1. Thank you Grandma we have a school uniform top but you can wear whatever you like on your legs. Oren is writing a school blog post so look out for that coming soon. It is dark when we wake up at five fifty in the morning but by the time we leave the house at ten past six in the morning it is light so we don’t need a torch on the way to school. Lots of love Brae xxxxx

  2. We also bring heavy mineral water bottles every two weeks or so (even though we just pile it all up in the boot of our car and drive home). Looking forward to the next blog entry! From Koo.

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