Food memories

By Oren:

In case anyone was wondering if our experience in Colombia had been ruined so far by the rain, then you shouldn’t be worried. The day after the storm, the roads had dried up and the blazing sun was burning in the sky as usual!

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised to hear that when I am remembering places that we’ve been to, or things we have done, it always helps me to recall more vividly if I think of a food that we ate at that time! Over the last few days, I have been reliving some of my favourite Colombian food memories. On our second day, the sun was out and we set off for our favourite breakfast: arepas, from our local street stall. As we took the first bite, we soon forgot about the pouring rain only a day before. The arepas reminded us of our daily walk to school and the route was very familiar. Bringing back those memories made Colombia feel even more like home.

As well as the arepas, we have also had some of our other favourite food and drink, like bocadillo, mango, limonada de coco and jugo de maracuyá. While I was eating these, I savoured every sweet bite of bocadillo and every sip of the unique taste of maracuyá. All of these brought back many happy memories of our last trip with them. Unfortunately our piña dorada isn’t ripe and we cannot eat it, yet. It’s taunting us from the fruit bowl! We are now fully enjoying our time in Colombia and having tons of fun and new experiences.

7 thoughts on “Food memories”

  1. hi glad the rain has stopped and its sunny again. its hot here again too . Glad you are enjoying reliving your time in Colombia and enjoy all the new experiences you take part in over the next few weeks
    lots of love from Grandma xxx

    1. Thank you grandma! We are really enjoying being here thank you. We’re having so many new experiences which we are so lucky to have been able to experience.
      Lots of love from Oren

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