On Monday I went to a mountain town called Minca, where we stayed in a very nice house called Emerald Green. We had a cozy room with a big double bed and bunk beds. We also had a balcony, which had a lovely view of the river and an enormous, ancient tree. The host of our guesthouse was a man called Niall who was the best! He was Irish and he was very kind and fun and made us do things during our four days in Minca that seemed scary but they turned out to be really thrilling and we didn’t want to stop. Niall has been living in Minca for six and a half years because he went travelling there and didn’t want to leave (don’t worry, I do like it here but I will come back!). When we arrived we dropped off all our possessions in our room and found out he had a dog and two cats who were all adorable and mostly really friendly (but one of the cats was a bit scratchy!).

After a while my family and I went on one of Niall’s tours to the lost waterfall, which he and his friend had discovered, with his dog Ishka running ahead. When we had been walking for a while Niall spotted a kind of palm tree that had very vicious looking spikes all over its trunk, which Niall said were poisonous and we definitely should never touch one.minca and transport-7minca and transport-6







Then we hiked uminca and transport-8p the mountain through the jungle for a little bit more and we came to what looked like the most ginormous clump of grass you’ve ever seen. It was more than ten meters high and Niall said it was bamboo and it was a grass (so I wasn’t wrong thinking it looked like grass).
minca and transport-8-2



This kind of bamboo is a very useful material for constructing houses and scaffolds in Colombia, and also when they plant it by the side of the road on a steep bit of mountain, the roots act as an anchor preventing land slides and erosion of the road or path so it doesn’t get destroyed. It was fascinating to minca and transport-30discover that houses, which were made out of bamboo, have been known to survive earthquakes when brick and concrete houses have been falling down. We also discovered that the only time you can harvest it is after a full moon at four o’clock in the morning because it makes all the water go to the bottom of the plant, and when it gets cut it can re-grow itself! It is against the law to cut it down at any other time.
minca and transport-29

We continued to trudge up the mountain path, higher and higher, feeling sweltering hot and sweating all over. Finally we emerged through the jungle and saw an incredible waterfall. We slipped into the freezing water. It was like swimming in a bowl of ice! Niall said we’d get used to it though. We also leaped off a huge rock into the pool.

minca and transport-3-2

Then it was time to follow the river back down the mountain so off we went. When I say we went, I don’t mean we walked. I mean we were swept down the river for a long distance, down waterfalls and mini waterslides with Niall. We climbed over rocks and my mum and dad had to get washed down a really powerful waterfall and Brae and I went down a smaller one. That’s when Niall gave us the nickname chickens because Brae did the funky chicken when we were supposed to be tucking our elbows in while we were going down a waterfall! Then Niall told us to clamber across some rocks and we stood under an amazingly strong waterfall and it was so strong that my trunks almost came down! ☹ When we finally reached the house we were soaked! After that we had a very laid back afternoon because we were exhausted.

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  1. Wonderful. sounds like a natural theme park ride.
    Glad you are still coming home!

    lots of love

  2. I’m so jealous! Fresh coconuts, bamboo buildings, shark oil, sweaty jungle mountain hikes, poisonous spiked trees and waterfall slides! Awesome. I’ve absolutely loved reading this blog, well done. I can’t wait for the next exciting instalment.

    P.S. With reference to your shark oil post, if you are thinking of getting your old uncle a gift……
    I could sit it next to my bottle of sperm whale oil on my desk at work.

  3. Hello guys, looks like you are having an amazing time!!!! Minca looks great and the waterfall is incredible. When I travelled Australia I was nearly eaten by a croc in a waterfall just like the one you guys are swimming in!!!

    Emerald Class are going to be studying Columbia next term. We have drawn a huge map of South America on the wall and will learn loads of cool things about where you have been. We were wondering if you could be our behind the scenes investigators. We might send you a challenge or two for you to find the answers to our questions. Hope this is ok?? Could you please send us the address of your school so we can write some letters to children in your class, asking them things about their life in Colombia? Perhaps you could ask them if they could write back to us??

    Miss you guys, speak soon!!!

    Mr B

    1. Thanks for your comment. We all love Colombia! I can’t believe you were nearly eaten by a crocodile!

      I like the idea of Emerald class having Colombia for their next topic. I felt really happy and proud when I read that. We will ask our school for their address. I will be happy to reply to any questions anyone wants to ask and I can help to translate your letters into Spanish for my friends at school.

      My first challenge to you is to find out the connection between emeralds and Colombia!

      I miss all of you too!


  4. Hi Brae, how are you? Colombia looks awesome!! could you tell us more about the animals? from Aston and Abigail

  5. ***** FIVE STAR BLOG
    This deserves a *****COMMENT!
    I’ve learnt so much from this blog. Have you done a post on school life yet?
    Can’t wait till the next post. Your hike sounds like total HEAVEN. Everyone is
    missing you here at COLBY. Hope your having fun. (SOUNDS LIKE THAT’S A YES
    (By the way)
    (*****)-that means, 5 STAR

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for your 5 star comment! We have written two posts about school so you could look on the 2nd and 3rd page. Thanks for rating our blog. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. We’re working really hard on it. Everything we do here is awesome. I miss everyone at Colby. From Oren

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