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By Brae:

minca and transport-14The other day we went up the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This is world’s highest coastal mountain range and we went there to see the sunrise and the rare mountain birds. We had to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning! The mountains are so high and steep the only way to get to the top quickly is in a jeep. I got travel sick. So on the way down the mountain Oren and I went on the roof of the jeep! We enjoyed it more than when we were inside because we didn’t get travel sick. minca and transport-19It was scary at first because the road was super steep and full of great big holes, minca and transport-12
but after a while
we got used to it and we started to concentrate on what was around us. There were loads and loads of coffee trees planted in between the tropical fruit trees and jungle plants. We were surrounded by them. Everywhere we looked there were coffee trees.

We didn’t only go on a roof of a jeep but we also went on a motorbike taxi. They took us to a waterfall in the mountains. Each bike had a driver withminca and transport-25 me and Mum on one bike and Oren and Dad on the other. It was a bit squished but we got through. The ride was very bumpy but fun at the same time. It was amazing watching all the birds. There were all sorts of different kinds. We saw bright yellow fly catchers and scarlet tanagers.
minca and transport-11minca and transport-23

At home, I have to be in a booster seat with a seat belt so I can’t believe what we are doing in Colombia. Perhaps my mum and dad have gone a bit mad. But they say that we are on the adventure of a lifetime so the rules are very, very different. I think that this is the kind of school trip that Mr Brown would like to take Emerald class on!

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  1. Wow, all looks amazing. You are doing a great job writing all this Brae (and Oren) so keep it up!

    Chris (and probably Clare, Liezl and Rufus)

  2. This looks really cool, guess that’s no seatbelt laws over there. Reminds me of my childhood days in Singapore when we all used to ride in my dads ute playing corners.

  3. Hi Brae, I bet it was really cool riding on the roof of the Jeep. can you send us some more photos?
    It’s been really cloudy here. Anyway, I have a question for you: What’s the weather like in Colombia?

    1. Hi Joshua

      It was really really cool riding on the roof of the Jeep. If you tell me what is the best email address to contact the class on I can send you more pictures of me on the jeep (I can’t put them in the comments).
      In Colombia it is boiling hot.

  4. BRAE you are awesome I really really miss you. Did you find any sharks. We made plasticine pig flies you don’t know what they are.They are pigs with wings HA HA HA HA .


    1. Hi Freddy
      I miss you too. It is funny what you made we have not found any sharks yet there are sharks in Colombia but they do not come near the beach.


  5. You’re lucky! I’ve only ever sat on top of a car once or twice (the car wasn’t moving). The waterfall ride must have felt like a water slide! Looking forward to another blog entry!

    1. Hi Kookai
      Thank you for yet another comment! You are really keeping us going with the blog. The car ride was awesome! It was really scary at first but when we got used to it, it was the best! The waterfall was actually really like a waterslide. Keep the comments coming.
      From Oren

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