Colombian animals update

By Oren:

My favourite group of animals is primates but my second is definitely reptiles, and in Minca I saw the most amazing reptile I have ever seen! It was a three-foot long green iguana (that is its species’ name but they have different colors as well) climbing slowly up the tree outside our window in Minca. When I spotted it I thought it was a dream at first but then I got back to my senses and called my family. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

minca and transport-3

minca and transport-4

I have one other small animal update (in both senses of the word). When we were doing one of Niall’s tours we saw some amazing luminous colored bugs, one on our bag and one crawling on the path we were walking along. Here are some pictures:

bugs-3 bugs

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5 thoughts on “Colombian animals update”

  1. Fantastic photos and stories, Oren and Brae! What an amazing time you’re having! Absolutely love those coloured bugs!!!!! Debs xx

  2. Hi Brae It’s Alastair and Grace I am so amazed what animals you found.have you found out if there any sharks in Colombia from Alastair and Grace.

    1. Hi Alastair and Grace. There are sharks in Colombia but they do not come near the beach. I to am amazed by the wild things we saw. Brae

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