By Oren:  

One of the main reasons we came to Colombia was to see our good friend Diana, who looked after me and Brae when I first started school in London. She lives in Bogotá now, the capital of Colombia, but she was living in London then. She looked after us for two years and while she was in London we met her brother Luis Fernando and her cousin Angelica. Also, when my mum went to Colombia with work, Diana’s family looked after her really well and made her feel at home. So you can see why Diana became like family to us. This is why we were so excited about being invited to her wedding to Ernesto. 

wedding wedding-4

The wedding was in a church by the sea and it was really beautiful. All the men had to wear special shirts called guayaberas which were white and they had a pattern on the side. These are traditional so we all had one. My dad and I bought one to keep and Brae rented one from a special wedding shop. It was so nice to meet some more of Diana’s family while we waited for the ceremony to begin. When we saw Diana arrive everyone started taking photos because she looked so pretty in her wedding dress.

wedding-12The party was at a beautiful house with a swimming pool and garden on the shore. We had delicious food and drinks, but the best bit was the disco. They played Colombian music and in Colombia everyone knows how to dance and they do it really well. As well as the disco they had Colombian musicians playing music to dance to. Brae and I got taken up to the dance floor by Diana and her cousin and also wedding-6my dad got taken up to dance in a circle with a crowd of ladies! We tried to copy people’s dance moves to try and dance like a Colombian doing ‘salsa’. Throughout the night I danced with a lot of people. 

wedding-16 wedding-10 wedding-9

At midnight, when I was first starting to get a bit tired, everyone went absolutely crazy! Angelica said it was called ‘la hora loca’ (the crazy hour) 

 wedding-13 wedding-17

and everyone dressed up and the band put some crazy music on and everybody danced until I thumb_IMG_7625_1024was really tired (it was later than one o’clock in the morning!). Brae and I fell asleep
in the taxi on the way home. Over all, the wedding was a huge success and very different to an English wedding. 


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  1. Looks great fun .You look so big Oren or are the people small. ? Think dad got his moves from his dad -looks like it, never mind.
    love Grandma

  2. Your description of the dancing at the wedding made me think of how your Mum once took me to a salsa party when we were students in Glasgow. It was a lot of fun even though I didn’t know how to do the dancing.

    1. Ha ha. My mum remembers this too! She also told me to tell you that there is a local drink here called ‘Colombiana’ and it tasted just like Irn bru!!! We all like it and drink it a lot. My mum says it reminds her of you and Cathy and Morven. We like to know that you are reading our blog in Hawaii! from Oren and Brae x PS your dogs are so cute!

  3. Brae it looks like your having a lot of fun when you come back I will be in portogal so by se you a gain

  4. Hi guys looks like you have been enjoying your tropical paradise adventure loads, we have been missing you a lot. Back in England we have had lots of ice and frost,can we ask you a couple of questions? Here they are:

    What is the name of your school?

    What are your school lessons like?

    How many places have you been to yet? I hope you write back soon.

    How many tropical rare birds have you seen on your trip?

    1. Hi Holly and Maddy
      We are missing you too. The name of our school is colegio los manglares (school of the mangroves).
      The lessons feel a bit long because they are all an hour or longer. Apart from Rodadero we have been to Palamino, Minca, Barranquilla and we are going to go to Cartagena and Parque Tayrona soon. We have seen a lot of rare birds on our trip.

  5. This is by Andre I realy want to no how long the wedding was? because it sound’s extremely fun!!!
    and this is from both of us have you seen a Great white shark

    This is by your bet mate Tom I hope you were good at dancing!!!


    1. Hi Tom and Andre the wedding was 9 hours! We have not seen a great
      white shark yet and I do not think we will. There are sharks here but they
      do not come near the beach.


  6. Hi this is Colby school here and we are missing you as much as you do.
    Is it fun have you seen any wild animals?
    You have missed out on the party Brae.
    Your friends are missing you.

    1. It is amazing here and we have seen loads of wild animals.
      Today we went free diving and we saw all sorts of different fish!
      I miss you too.


  7. Hi guys it’s Maddie here,
    it sounds like you have had lots of fun already but guess what brae? you missed the party! still i think going to colombia is much more fun please write back to us.

    1. Hi Maddie

      I do not really mind that i missed the party because today we went free diving. we saw coral, fish, sea anemones, we even saw a puffer fish!


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