By Brae:

It’s much much hotter in Colombia than in England. It’s so hot that people don’t even have hot water in their houses in Santa Marta (the city where we live). So that means cold showers every day! It sounds really bad but we’ve kind of got used to it now. There is cold water for washing up too and cold water in the washing machine. It’s not a big problem to clean clothes as there is absolutely no mud here. There is just dust.

thumb_IMG_0070_1024Because of the hot temperature the sea is really warm. It’s so hot in the daytime that most people go to the beach in the evening, just when the
sun is going down. Here is a picture of the sunset. We also have a swimming pool that the people who live in our building can use but it’s on the shady side of the building so the water is really cold. That can be quite useful if you need to cool down.

One more thing about the heat is that there are lots of cacti around. Opposite our school the hill is covered with them. This next photo is for Mrs Ward and Sapphire class because my mum told me that they are doing their topic on the Sonoran desert. I remember doing this and learning about cacti.


8 thoughts on “IT’S HOT HOT HOT!”

  1. Hi Oren and Brae,
    Thanks for all the exciting news. Sounds like you are having a great time already. You have made me want to eat a pineapple! I will tell everyone about your blog at the staff meeting tonight, so expect hellos from more of the Colby Crew.
    Bye for now! Give my love to your Mum and Dad.
    Have fun!
    Love from Mrs Mead

    1. Hi Mrs Mead, I wish I could bring you back a Colombian pineapple but it’s against the rules, I think. Thanks for reading our blog. Keep reading and we promise to tell you lots more stuff. We have a few more posts nearly ready so keep a look out. Please tell everyone hello in the next assembly and you can tell them about the blog. We hope you and everyone at Colby is well. Love from Oren and Brae

  2. Well done Oren and Brae. It looks lovely and warm there but it has turned really cold here so the thought of a cold shower makes me shiver. Enjoy Palomino,I would love to lay on that beach and have a good rest.xx

    1. Thank you for your comment. We really enjoyed Palomino apart from the mosquito nets of course. Please write some more comments soon. Lots of love Brae xxxxx

  3. I love reading your updates, it makes my journey home from work on the train much more bearable! Your mum and dad are right about this being an experience of a lifetime! I am 36 years old and have never had anything like the experiences you are having now. Keep up the blog writing!! Lots of love from all of us in raining, freezing Scotland! Xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment we love reading them. It is nice to know people are reading and enjoying and posts. xxx

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