By Brae:

Last weekend we went to Barranquilla, the fourth biggest city in Colom…OK, enough of that, let’s get to the important part: carnival!!!!


Every year Barranquilla has a completely mental party that goes on for 4 days and nights. Nearly 2 million people go to the ‘Carnavales de Barranquilla’ so it’s pretty big. The second biggest carnival in the world after Rio in fact.

We had tickets for seats in a stand which meant we were high up and had a really good view. There are thousands of people performing in the parades with lots of dancing, people pretending to be zombies, cannibals, animals and other stuff and the most incredible costumes ever. carnival-2carnival-35

The parades went on for at least 4 hours every day but we never got bored for one second because of the interesting things that they were doing and the party music and atmosphere.

thumb_IMG_7696_1024One of the things that made it so much fun was that you were given little boxes of flour
and you could throw it at each other or squirt people with foam. Everyone was wearing weird carnival clothes and funny hats and acting completely crazy! Here is a picture of some kids that threw flour at us, but then they gave us some of their flour so we could throw some at them and at our parents!



I hope that the photos and videos we took help you imagine what it was like to be there.



Did you notice the ladies balancing bottle on their heads? These are full of aguardiente which is like whisky. People drink it a lot.

16 thoughts on “Carnival!!!”

  1. Wow – this looks like a party for me! Hay kids this must be waaaaay better than a day at school. I hope you both danced with lots of those ladies and that dad dressed up properly. Hi to your mum and keep the posts coming.

    1. We have lots of different teachers for different lessons. We call all our teachers by their first names like Carlos, Julie, Alejandra.
      Carnaval was really cool.from Brae

  2. Wow!!! The Carnival looks amazing guys!!! I think we should have a Colombia day at school when you get back and have our very own Colby Carnival. We could cook some Colombian dishes and dance to Colombian music!!!

    What do you think?

    OREN – The Colby footy team won 12-7 last night against Buxton to reach the league play offs!! We were didn’t play that well and had to rely on Alfie Doy playing very well and Jim scoring 6 goals. We missed your gangly body in defence.

    Mr B

  3. Wow!That is must be so exiting to go to the 2nd most biggest carnival in the world.

    P.S Have you seen any jaguars yet?

  4. Dear Brae,

    That carnival sounds great, talking of party`s, we got our class awards but you missed the party:(
    Speaking of partys it would be cool if we had a colombian party when you guys get back.

    Please tell us what you think
    Sophie and Daisy!

    1. Dear Sophie and Daisy

      The carnival was amazing. It would be cool if Emerald had a Colombian party. It is a shame that I missed the party but I am having a incredible time in Colombia.


  5. Thanks for the pics. Looks like you had lots of fun at the Carnival. You can borrow our carnival outfits when you are back to recreate the fun for us here!

  6. LOL! The carnival sounds epic! I think they through flour at each other because it is too hot to use snow! I am looking forward to your next blog entry!

    1. Hi Kookai
      Thank you for your comment, I am extremely grateful.
      The Carnaval was the best party ever !!!!! You’re probably right about the snow but I am wondering where they would keep it! In a giant freezer? I have started a blog on our school so it will be coming soon. Keep a look out for it.
      From Oren

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