By Brae:

When you look at all the adventures we have written about on our blog you might think that we are just on holiday but we are also going to school here.

Our school is very environmental. Every day everyone has school dinners because no one is allowed packed lunches. This is because it creates lots of litter (imagine how many packet of crisps, juice cartons, tin foil from your sandwiches and other things that get thrown in the bin after a whole school of children have packed lunch). We think about the effect that litter has on all the animals, especially sea animals like turtles. Also, all our science lessons are about animals and nature and we have science twice a day.

Every day, right in the morning, schoolwe have yoga class for a nice relaxing start for the day and I really like it. Every week we also have a climbing wall lesson, on the school’s own climbing wall, and we have nothing to hold us on apart from our hands and feet (no harness)! Our school bus driver teaches us climbing wall class because he is an expert climber.

We also have dance class every week. There are many Colombian dances. We have been learning salsa and cumbia. We even had our own mini carnival at school and we walked around the streets near the school playing instruments and dancing.



Once a week we have French so in my head I have to go from French to Spanish to English and from English to Spanish to French. So as well as learning Spanish on this trip we are also learning French. The classes are much smaller and I only have boys in my class because there are no girls my age in the school. When we work all the desks are around the edge of the classroom instead of in the middle.


Every Wednesday, the whole school goes to the beach. It’s just down the road so we can walk there. We do long jump and playing in the waves. This week we swam out really far without being able to kick as we had bottles between our legs. Some of the children collected rubbish so that it doesn’t harm the animals, like turtles.

Before we did our first day I was really nervous as I didn’t know if I would make any friends or if I could speak enough Spanish, but now I know that I can speak enough Spanish and I have plenty of friends so I’m not worried any more.


I think I’ve improved in my Spanish in only two weeks of school. In the first week I didn’t speak loads and loads of Spanish, only short answers and short questions. But in my second week I’ve been speaking longer sentences and longer answers. I feel quite proud of myself because I’m speaking so much Spanish and I’ve improved so much.

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  1. I’m so happy that you made a spanish friend! Just to let you know, I’ve once made friends with a spanish boy in Marbella. So I knew you could do it!

  2. Well done Brae for settling into a new school,glad you have made new friends. No seat belts and no safety harness when you climb the climbing wall, that is how it was when I was young and we survived. The carnival around the streets sounds very exciting,bet you enjoyed that xxxx

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