World famous!

By Oren and Brae:

We have a page on our blog that shows us the statistics. It tells us how many people are enjoying our blog and where they are. We didn’t have the statistics on the blog before 4 February so we don’t know how many people looked at it before then, but since 4 February we have had 323 visitors, 1,467 page views and 149 comments! We also know that at least one other school apart from Colby is looking at our blog to learn about Colombia. It is a school in Scotland and we don’t even know the children there. We think this is really awesome because now we know that our blog is useful not only to Colby but to other schools too – ‘hola’ to our readers in Scotland!

The other thing that is so incredible is that we can see all the different places where people are reading the blog. We have a map and every time someone looks at our blog, the country they are from goes blue! And it keeps getting darker and darker blue the more people look at it in that country. So, England is very, very dark blue by now and Colombia is dark blue too.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 19.08.05

Here is a list of countries that are blue so far:

  • Europe: UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Qatar
  • Americas: USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Australasia: Australia.

Isn’t that brilliant! We are world famous now!

Our top 4 countries for readers are UK (178 readers), Colombia (78 readers), USA (23 readers) and Australia (12).

Now we have a mission for you! If you know anyone who is in another country please tell them about the blog because we would love to see more countries on our map going blue (especially Russia, China or India because they are so big, or Africa as we only have one country there so far)! Please send them our blog address and tell them to take a look!

If you give someone the address, don’t forgot to write a comment below saying you’ve done it and then we can tell you when that country goes blue (or bluer) on the map.

Thank you very much for your help!

20 thoughts on “World famous!”

  1. Hello you two,
    I think it’s great that so many people have found your blog; how do you think they could have come across it if they’re not family or friends of friends? Where is the Scottish school that you mention?
    You are going to be so glad in future that you have made such a lively record of your time in Colombia. You’ve clearly put lots of time and thought into it and in my (admittedly not impartial) opinion you’re doing it really well. Nonna XXXX

    1. Hi Nonna
      Maybe the people are friends of some of our family’s friends who liked it?
      The school is the one that mum’s friend Cathy is the head teacher at, in Perthshire.
      I heard that Thomas and Harry are in Norfolk.
      We are trying our best with this blog!
      Love from Oren and Brae

  2. Hello Oren and Brae–This is my first comment, thought I’ve been reading faithfully since Ruby gave me the address. Like Jean I’m very impressed with your almost world-wide readership, and will help to expand your range with quick letters to friends in Japan and elsewhere–let’s see what happens.
    Of everything you’ve written so far, I’ve really relished a) what you’ve written about the natural world; and b) what you say about your school. Yoga! Dance! Climbing! Swimming! Environmentalism….these are skills that change the world!
    Lots of love from Los Angeles, Anne xoxo

    1. Hi Anne. We now have 2 readers in Japan so this must be thanks to you and also to our friend Kookai who sent our blog to his family. Thank you! lots of love to you and Grampa. xxx

    1. Thanks Kookai
      I am very grateful that you have told your family about our blog, and Japan has gone blue on the map!
      From Oren

  3. Another impartial comment from a faithful reader… Your diary of the time in Colombia is wonderful, and it will be something you and others will treasure looking back. Thank you so much for doing it. The wild and exotic things you are doing are part of the story, but also the glimpses we get of how the completely ordinary parts of the day are different from anything you’ve experienced before. Maybe you could do a blog entitled: ‘Now I think of it… here’s what’s different about an ordinary day in Santa Marta… I already take these things for granted, but now I think about them, they’re like nothing I’ve seen or done before…’

    Lots of love to everyone,


  4. How great boys! World wide fame at last! I will tell my friend Hannah Barnes. She used to live in Morocco so maybe someone she knew there might like to read it. Xx Ruby

      1. Yes. We have had trouble with some stats plugins conflicting with other plugins we have, but we have found one that works. At the moment I can’t see how to make the map viewable to others, but I am still working on it.

        Watch this space…

  5. I’ve sent it to some friends who know lots of people in Israel and Singapore! Your blog is fantastic!

    1. Thanks Sar. We now have 3 readers in Israel which must be your friends. That is so cool. It’s quite hard to see Singapore on our map so I’m not sure if we have readers there yet. We’re really happy that you’re enjoying our blog. xx

  6. Its amazing how many people are reading your blog,but then it is very very interesting.
    I have asked my friends to see if they can ask their friends to look at your blog in some of the countries you mentioned .hope you can fill more of the map blue.
    love Grandma xxxxxxx

  7. Dearest Oren and Brae

    this is Monika and Greta and Phyllis and Maude and Uwe from Stuttgart. We will be working very hard on joing the top countries for readers in Germany. I have told our Colombian neighbours (who know Santa Marta very well) about your stay and your blog. Their children are Pablo and Matthias, and I will tell them to have a look. They are 8 and 6 and went on a plane all by themselves last summer to meet family in Colombia.
    Today Maude said she wants to go on holiday in Italy with you again “next spring”. That will be a bit nearer than South America for us. We miss you.
    Monika and the rest XXXX

  8. Hi Oren and Brae, sounds like you are having such a fantastic time! I have sent your blog to a few of my primary school teacher friends, so maybe more schools will be following along your journey with you.

    PS – The carnival sounded so much fun, it really reminded me of when your uncle Richard and I travelled in Central and South America (via Colombia) and to the Rio carnival. We didn’t throw any flour on anyone there, but we did dance from very early until late and saw lots of incredible costumes too.

    Lots of love, Helena, Rich and Eva xx

  9. What a wonderful blog guys, well done! I lim from the UK but live in Uganda and will share it with my friends here especially with a UK family who have recently moved here too!

    1. Hi Gee. It’s really cool to get comments from people we don’t know, especially when they are in interesting countries like Uganda! We’re glad you’re enjoying the blog. Did Nick tell you about us? We hope the family you know enjoy their time in Uganda as much as we have enjoyed Colombia – which is a lot!! From Oren and Brae

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