Newsflash! Tropical fruit update

By Oren:

Last night I tried the ‘tomate de arbol’ (tamarillo) I mentioned in my blog entry yesterday, and it was disgusting! Luckily I had some plum to get rid of the taste.

So, this brings me to my first ‘Thing I have discovered in Colombia’ (I am sure there will be lots more facts to come in other posts). Fact 1: not all tropical fruits are tasty (although most are).

The first Tropical fruit post can be found here

4 thoughts on “Newsflash! Tropical fruit update”

  1. Hello Oren and Brae! How fantastic to read all about your adventures, please keep blogging, I’ll read them to Ivy too. I’m amazed you have found something you DON’T like to eat Oren! Xx aunty Ruby.

    1. I hope Ivy likes the blog too. I don’t like papaya either Ruby but I have found lots and lots of thinks I do like. love from Oren

  2. Thanks for a such great blog Oren and Brae, looking forward to hear about your trip and all the food you find in Columbia.

    It’s really cold here at the moment, and reading your blog is a bright way to start the day!

    Bring us back some pineapple!
    Have fun. X

    1. We are glad you like it. We liked the photo of you and Richard and Eva on facebook today. I don’t miss the cold much but I will be annoyed if I miss the snow.

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