Colombian food

By Brae:

In Colombia you can find lots of different foods that you can find nowhere in England. For example ‘arepas’ are a sort of pancake that you can put lots of stuff on like meat or cheese. My favouite one so far is ‘arepa de huevo’ (with egg inside). I had it for breakfast one day. I don’t know how they get the egg inside. Here are two pictures of it.


Another Colombian food that I really like is ‘patacones’ which is like a pancake made from a kind of big banana that they grow here. In Colombia they use these bananas like potatoes – they cook them in lots of different ways in the main course of your dinner, not your pudding. They roast it, they fry it like chips and they mash it into ‘patacones’. We have seen lots of farms growing bananas but we don’t think they grow potatoes here.

Colombian food is very tasty and I am enjoying trying new things.

5 thoughts on “Colombian food”

  1. Good to hear about the different foods you are trying Brae. think i would like it there,i love bananas x

    1. Yes, you would like it here Grandma because Colombian bananas are even more yummy than English ones. xx

  2. You need to try Ceviche de Pescado and Ceviche de Camarones. These are delicious.

    But be very wary if anyone offers you Mondongo. (Yuk!)

    1. Thanks for your message. Our Colombian friend is going to recommend some good places to eat ceviche so we will definitely have some. Thanks for the warning about Mondongo!

  3. Hi Oren,
    I really liked your story about the coconut. I hope you’re having a lovely time. The egg pie looks delicious.
    It was funny when you were talking about the yellow taxis and the blue buses with doors wide open!
    From Thomas

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