Colombian animals

By Oren:

In Colombia there is a huge range of animal species ranging from exotic birds to monkeys. Colombia holds the biggest range of butterflies and the second most of birds in the whole world! The national park ‘Parque Tayrona’, near where we live, is home to hundreds of species of animals. Today my family and I went on a trek up a mountain and then floated down the river on a tyre. As we peered into the jungle canopy I was amazed to see a huge king fisher sitting on a branch acting still, staring down at us. It was the first one my mum and dad had seen in forty-one years, and I spotted it!


In Colombia everyone wakes up really early. In Palomino (where we stayed this week) at about six in the morning you can see little red squirrels scurrying in the trees. They are adorable! edit-2You can also see lots of interesting birds and hear their calls. There is a bird that looks like a black bird with a really long tail, which has an amazing amount of calls – it is squawking at me right now.

My dream is to see a monkey in the wild and I might be able to see one in ‘parque Tayrona’. We also saw a Portuguese man-of-war (it looks like a jellyfish but it’s actually something called a siphonophore!). For humans their sting is excruciatingly painful but rarely deadly, even dead ones can sting you. On the way back from Palomino we saw two massive green iguanas basking in the sun but they ran away before we could take a photo.


This is a good time to tell you that I’ve always felt passionate about animals, so having this opportunity to see so many new ones is unbelievably awesome!

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  1. Wow Oren I have never seen Portuguese man o’ war in real life and I’m still waiting for my first encounter! Very jealous

  2. It sounds like you’ve already seen lots of exotic animals. Can’t wait to hear about a monkey if you see one! Good luck with your search

    1. I really, really want to see a monkey Cat. We are going back into the jungle on Monday so fingers crossed I might see one.

  3. Hi Oren and Brae,

    It is really nice to read your blog, it has been good to hear what you have been doing in Columbia. I will look forward to reading your next blog update.
    From Oliver

  4. Hi guys. Any pictures of you all on that tyre going down the river? I’d like to see that! Xx Ruby

  5. Hi Oren and Brae wow it sounds like your having an amazing time in Columbia.Oren I think that everyone knows that you are passionate about animals especially orangutangs and Brae how hard was it to open that coconut. I would like to try to open a coconut but I don’t know how to I hope you have a brilliant time in Columbia and I suppose I’ll see you in 2/3 months.

    1. Hi Freya, thanks. We’re having a brilliant time. It’s great to hear that you’re reading our blog. Brae says it was really hard to open the coconut. I have seen the most amazing amount of animals ranging from a humming bird to an iguana about 3 feet long! I am still dreaming about seeing a monkey though and no luck yet. Keep reading our blog and leaving us messages. From Oren and Brae

  6. Hi Oren

    I love the look of all the wildlife you’ve seen so far. I’m very jealous and envious. I wish I could be there too. Its really warm here about 12 degrees how hot is it there? In Amethyst since you’ve been gone two people have got together (M&J) and we’ve got new Chrome book so we’ve got new technology.

    1. Hi Emma
      Thank you for writing to me I am so lucky to see all this wildlife. It is 34ºC (93ºF) and I am basically burning and I am missing everyone very much. Hopefully I will see lots more wildlife and put it on the blog. I will write about school soon. Thanks for he relationship news!
      From Oren

  7. Hi Oren

    I am extremely jealous that you’re seeing so many new things. I’d love to be there, it looks lovely. Hope its nice and warm, as it is here ( it’s 12 degrees) Make sure you keep in touch with Amethyst as we’d all love to here how you’re getting on!!

    1. Hi Lois
      I am really lucky to be on this trip and to be seeing so many amazing things, the wildlife is extraordinary (as you have seen). It is 34ºC (93ºF) here so it is nearly three times as hot!
      I am missing amethyst a lot.
      From Oren

  8. Hey Oren, I’m glad that you have seen loads of new animals. You should take pictures of all of them. I do hope that you see an orangutan.
    I went to London zoo and saw incredible animals. My favourite were the tigers.

  9. Hi its Luke here from Emerald can you please give me a list of all the animals in Colombia and maybe a couple of photos .Do you do karate or is it popular there have you found any wild animals . is the hotel nice there hope you having a good time luke emerald

  10. Hi Brae and Oren those animals look so cool hope you are having a fun time I realy like that bird .Have you seen any jaguars yet or some big spiders and have you been swinging with the monkeys .I bet you haven,t seen a crocodile from Freddie Rouse oh Luke is still being silly

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