The story of a coconut update

By Oren:

In my last post about a coconut, I told you that we managed to open one in Palomino by smashing it with a stick. It took me, my dad and Brae about 30 minutes to get it open. But this weekend, in Parque Tayrona, we found out the real way to open coconuts.

We were walking along the jungle path after a swim, when we saw a man hacking skillfully at a coconut case with a machete by the side of the jungle path. He saw us watching him and my mum told him the story about how we opened a coconut with a stick, and she said we were pleased to see what the real way to open a coconut was. We think he was going to drink the coconut milk because he was thirsty. It was a really hot day and he was doing hard work fixing a fence and he didn’t have anything else to drink. But because we were watching him he asked if we wanted the coconut he’d just opened, to drink it ourselves! We tried the milk and it was delicious and refreshing. We tried to offer him some but he said we could have it all. After we had drunk it he chopped the case up some more and gave each of us a quarter and let us eat it! My Mum also took a video of him chopping.

It was really nice of him to give it to us, but we weren’t as surprised as we would have been in England as we have found that Colombian people are really nice and kind.

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    1. There was, thanks for pointing out. Seems google drive doesn’t remember settings so I will have to manually share each video before we post.
      Hopefully you can see it now, but do let us know if not. Thanks for reading the boys blog!

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