The story of a coconut

By Oren:

If you’ve ever eaten a coconut you might think it grows like that. But really, in the palm tree, a coconut grows inside a big, green case and it falls to the ground when it is ready.

We collected lots of newly fallen coconuts and we tried to open one. My dad had to use all his strength (and some sticks) to crack the shell open. We found out that underneath the green skin there is a thick hairy layer to protect the coconut. Here are some pictures:

coconut edit-4
coconut edit

coconut edit-2

coconut edit-5coconut edit-3

13 thoughts on “The story of a coconut”

  1. hi Oren,
    me and my mum were interested because we did’t know coconuts were green on the outside. we thought they were fluffy and hairy. I’ve never seen them such an interesting shape. I liked the way you explained it nicely and used adjectives and your dad used all his strength to open it. it must be tough. what’s the green skin like feel like ?

    From Liezl and a little bit Clare !

    1. Hi Liezl and Clare. Thanks for commenting on our blog. The coconut skin was a bit like leather and it was really hard. Coconuts are hairy but when they grow they are surrounded by a green case on the outside. Keep reading our blog! From Oren.

  2. Hey boys, good work on the blog. Just get rid of the pic of the old weirdo in the blue and white striped shirt and you’ll be laughing.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha. We really laughed a lot when we read your comment. Well, me and Brae did but Daddy didn’t laugh so much as he thought it was rude. Keep reading our blog. From Brae and Oren

  3. Hi its me Elliot you look like your having a great time keep bloging looking forward to reading more about your holiday

  4. Colombia sounds great? Can you tell me about school in Colombia,as soon as possible.
    You have told me about Colombia so let me tell you what’s going on at our school.
    We have now got Chrome books in Amethyst and new computers in the ICT Suite.
    Apart from that every thing is normal. Speak to me soon.


    1. Hi Charlotte
      I have started a new blog post about school and it will be on the blog soon.
      Good to hear about the new technology.
      I am missing Colby a lot but I like my new school (but not as much as Colby)
      From Oren

  5. Hi Oren, I/We miss you so much. Colby is not the same without you. Its really hot here. Its about 12 degrees; how hot is it there? Love Colby.

  6. Hi Oren,
    hope you are enjoying Colombia. Colby School are missing you but people hope you don’t come back as an orang-utan as many people wont be impressed!!!!!!!

    England is very mild but Colombia should be hot.

    We have had whales die on Hunstanton beach and people have been talking about it since Saturday. Unfortunately they have to be cut up on the beach before they can be taken away.

    Have you seen any sea life in Colombia yet?

    From Leah and Rhianna
    Students of Colby Primary School

  7. Hi Oren,

    I never new a coconut has so many layers , I thought it only had one!!!
    It must be very hard to open a coconut if it has three layers .
    My Dad said it is hard to open one layer , it must be really hard to open a
    coconut that falls strait of a tree

    In England it snowed a little bit Emerald class got to go out in it most of us
    ran around like we where mental!!But since then it has been quit hot.

  8. Wow!!! That sounds amazing!Colombia sounds AWESOME, your making us sooooo Jelous!! I will be even more jelous if you see Dolphins! If you go again hide me in your suitcase!We would love to hear back from you.

    Best wishes

    Sophie and Daisy

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