By Oren:

The main reason I am writing this is because this morning we were discussing what things we are going to miss most when we go back to England and three out of four of us think that we are really going to miss a delicious fruit called maracuyá, and then we realised that we still haven’t told you about it yet. It is a bit like a passion fruit but it is bigger, yellow, much more tasty and very sour. When you buy it, it sometimes looks shiny, green or yellow and it is hard you can’t eat it then because it isn’t ripe. You have to wait until it looks all yucky and brown and wrinkly and that is when you can eat it. Here are a few photos of its stages:

maracuya  maracuya-2

maracuya-2-2  maracuya-3

It is a very popular fruit in Colombia and you can get juices and ice creams made with maracuyá and you can also put one on your cereal, which my parents love! This is one of the main things that we are really, really going to miss when we go back to England because you can’t get it there .

2 thoughts on “Maracuyá”

  1. You CAN get them in the UK. Asda sometimes has them – they are small and almost black. One of the many varieties.

    1. Thank you David. We will check in Asda, but unfortunately it’s this particular huge yellow one we really love – as big as a grapefruit and not nearly as sweet as the passion fruit we have bought in the UK before. We do like the small dark purple ones too (they have a different name here and are called ‘gulupas’) but it’s not quite the same somehow!

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