By Brae:

Today we were packing for the journey home and we have got more than five kilos of bocadillo! The bag is really, really heavy. So that shows how much we like it. I IMG_8514bet you are wondering what bocadillo is. In Spain bocadillo is a sandwich but in Colombia it is a sweet. Bocadillo is cube, light red and quite small. Here is a picture of bocadillo. It is a type of food that is made of a fruit called guayaba. They are green outside and sometimes round and sometimes the shape of a pear. Inside they are pink or red when they are ripe.guayaba



Bocadillo is made with the inside of a guayaba and some sugar and is cooked slowly until it is thick enough to turn into a block when it cools down. Out of all the foods we have tried in Colombia this is the one that we think that a lot of our friends at school would like the most and maybe you can try it in the Colombian after school club that we are going to run in the summer term.


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  1. Hello Brae,
    I agree with you, it is delicious! We call it goiabada in Brazil.
    Have a safe journey back home.
    We’ll miss your blogs.

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