By Brae:

BusIn Colombia the transport is different. For example, the buses drive with their doors open, there are no bus stops and you just tell the driver when you want to get off and on. The buses are blue.

The taxis are yellow, so Rachel [Hare], Mae and Lily will understand that the ‘spot the yellow car’ game that my family plays in Norfolk is a very different game in Colombia, because almost half the cars are taxis! Also the taxis don’t have seat belts.

TaxiThere are not only normal taxis in Colombia, but also some of the motorbike riders offer to give people a lift so there are also motorbike taxis here. I can’t decide whether to go on one or not because it doesn’t look very safe to have something like three people on a motorbike.

Sometimes, a horse or a donkey with a cart comes along the road. We’ve figured out why they have those covers by their eyes. It’s so they can’t see the cars, taxis and buses all whizzing by. If they did, they would become scared and then it would be chaos.

There is a lot of beeping everywhere as the cars beep their horns a lot.

The roads are normal mostly, but in some places the road is completely made out of dust, like the road our school is on. Here is a picture of it.


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  1. Hi Brae
    We loved your introduction to transport in Colombia. Liezl was pleased to hear that you play the yellow car game too.
    Looking forward to hearing about trains next time.
    Please tell us if you ever do get on a motorbike taxi!

    Clare and Liezl

  2. Dear Oren & Brae,
    I am finding it very interesting reading your blog as I have never been to Columbia and I think the way you describe things is very clear and your choice of subjects are the kinds of things that don’t get explained in books about the country! Please keep up the good work and say hello to mum and dad from me! Happy travels!

    1. Hi Ellen. Thank you very much for reading our blog and leaving us a comment. We will write more about all the subjects we are interested in. We are trying to think of the most interesting things to put on our blog. We love finding out what you think. Keep reading it please! from Oren and Brae

  3. I’m getting to look forward to each new post almost as much as I look forward to my first morning cup of tea; and as you know that’s a lot!

  4. To Oren,

    Hope you are having an epic time in Colombia and having lots of adventures. Hopefully you are having nice weather in Colombia. We are missing you, but we’re still having fun! Please tell us about your school via email, also please write back about your nice trip.

    ps:whats the sport like?

    from Tom and Finlay.

    1. Hi Tom and Finlay
      I am having a brilliant time, the weather is sweltering but nice and very sunny.
      I am missing amethyst very much and I can’t wait to see everyone again.
      In Colombia all the kids love football and it is the main sport, which makes sense because everyone is so good at it! See you in eight weeks.
      I’m going to write about school on the blog soon.
      From Oren

  5. Hi Oren, it’s been sunny in Norfolk and we have all been wearing shorts (just kidding!).The weather’s miserable and boring. my Birthday was on Sunday 24 and mum said you could come round for a delayed party. What’s been the highlight of your hol so far.

    from Jim

    1. Hi Jim
      The weather is really nice here and I’ve been lounging around because I have been sick. Yesterday I went to the doctors for the whole day and they gave me a blood test to see if I had Zika but luckily I didn’t. Happy birthday (plus 16 days!). Thanks for inviting me round after I get back (thats something to look forward to!).
      From Oren

  6. Hi Oren, Colombia looks awesome!!:D How’s your weather been? In England its 12 degrees here!! WE ARE FREEZING all of Amethyst class is missing youu!!!

    Hope your’re having a good time

    From Emily W and Courtney F!!

    1. Hi Courtney and Emily
      Thanks for writing to me.
      I am missing amethyst too. The weather here is really nice ( you might have guessed!)and it is 34ºC which is the same as 93ºF.
      I am having a great time.
      From Oren

  7. Hi Oren,
    It’s Freya. Seems like you are having a wonderful time in Colombia. It is getting quite cold over here, but it’s probably pretty hot over where you are. All of the blog posts are really well written and detailed, great story of a coconut by the way! Who took the pictures of them?

    Colby School miss you a lot and we all think it’s great that you and you’re family are posting all about the amazing adventures. It helps us keep up to date with all of the mischief!

    I would be grateful if you would write back.

    1. Hi Freya
      I have been very busy lately so I haven’t had a chance to write back sooner, sorry.
      I’ve been missing every one a lot.
      My mum is kind of the photographer so most of the pictures are taken by her.
      Fron Oren

  8. Hi Oren its me. I’m so jealous!!! (That you’re in Colombia). As you might have thought the weather is definitely way better here than it is there… But on your website there’s an odd animal fish blue thing- what is that? Also have you seen a monkey yet? Hope you’re having the best time in the world from Joe.
    ” ”

    1. Hi Joe
      Thanks for the comment, sorry I didn’t reply sooner as I’ve been very busy lately. Sadly I haven’t seen a monkey yet but were going to the national park so I hope to see one. The blue thing was actually a Physaliidae! Which is like a jellyfish but it isn’t.
      From Oren

  9. Hi Brae,

    I wonder why they leave there doors open on buses if they don’t
    put there seat belts on properly they might slide strait out
    and could you get of the bus in the middle of the road if you
    wanted to?If you can wouldn’t you be blocking the roads

    If the motorbikes have three people on them surely they will all
    fall and they will all be squished!!!

    It snowed a little bit at Colby but since then it has been really hot,
    well not as hot as Colombia!!

    1. Hi Imogen

      Thanks for your email. I think you could get off in the middle of the road if you really wanted to. The drivers are always very careful because there are people in the road all the time!!

  10. Hi Brae,Oren,Hannah and James

    Isn’t that a little dangerous to leave the door open. Could you find out why they do that? If there was a car crash and the car flipped over you would go flying off the seat and hit the ground!

    Happy thoughts

    Daisy & Sophie

    1. Hi Daisy and Sophie

      It is dangerous but nobody ever falls out. We think it is because taxis and buses are always in a hurry and they do that so people can get on and off quickly. You’re right they should not do that.


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